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What is the Online Marketing Strategy?

Optimal Click assesses a company’s online footprint against its competitors, and puts together an online marketing strategy for increasing the company’s exposure and generating quality leads.

The preparation of the strategy consists of a fact finding process into a business’s product offering, benefits of purchasing the products/services over a company's competitors, the important keywords to be targeted, an analysis of the company in the online space versus your competitors, an identification of a company's target customer profile(s), and a site audit. The site audit includes recommendations to improve the site’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The output of this process is a plan on what keywords need to be targeted, what changes need to be made to the website, recommendations on social media efforts and online advertising, and benchmark information for tracking SEO and traffic improvements going forward. Optimal Click also offers the site audit as a stand-alone service. For more information visit the site audit page.

Why is the Online Marketing Strategy Beneficial?

  • Online marketing blueprint
  • Focus online marketing efforts on platforms that will generate the highest return
  • Understand your competitive environment
  • Put metrics in place to measure efforts and create benchmarks

The online marketing strategy provides a blueprint that outlines what the focus of a company’s online marketing efforts should be. Online marketing is a rapidly changing environment and new platforms and media are being developed all the time. Part of the output of the online marketing strategy is an explanation of the different aspects of online marketing and recommendations on those aspects that are relevant to a company. This helps a company keep up with social media tools and to make the most of these platforms.

Insights into the offering and efforts of a company's competitors are extremely valuable, and helps a company align their strategy to changes in the competitive environment, ensuring a competitive advantage.  

The information and metrics gathered during the analysis provides a useful benchmark and can be used to assess and measure the return on investment of online marketing efforts.

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